Rapid Response

Here at MKE, we know waiting can be frustrating. That's why we are dedicated to responding to inquiries in a timely and efficient manner.

Easy Registration

We stride to make new case registration as easy and comfortable as possible. You give us the details, we manage your claim. It's that simple.

Resourceful Staff

Our staff prides themselves in being able to handle any case with relative ease due to our vast knowledge and experience on previous investigations, which allows us to tackle new obstacles in a short period of time.

Who are we?

MKE is an independent case manager that works with medical and vocational referrals for Workers Compensation (including Department of Labor) and Long Term Disability.

Where are we?

We cover locations in Kentucky, southern Indiana, Cincinnati Ohio area and northern Tennessee.

Medical Case Management

• Attend MD Appointments
• Plan IME/PT/home health
• Assist Physician Transition
• Liaison between employer, employee, attorney and physician

Vocational Case Management

• Vocational assessment
• Vocational testing
• Resume development
• Job search
• Job search training

Your Case Management solution

Job Placement • Medical Appointments • Vocational Testing • Arrange Medical Appointments •Employment Counseling •Meet with client/injured worker • Labor Market Survey • Contact and/or meet employer • Resume Development • Arrange IME • Assess Motivation • Meet with family • Vocational Evaluation/Assessment • Meet with Physician • Computerized Job Search • Career Development